Meet Sharron Harris


Senior Executive Field Manager for Legacy Sales

Sharron is a family-oriented businesswoman.  Her main focus is to help the younger generation meet and exceed their goals in life! Originally Sharron is from Athens, Alabama her favorite person in the world is her mother.  Sharron started this company in 2013, and is currently looking for agents to build an empire with the new generations. Sharon started as a magazine sales agent in 1986 and has worked her whole life to be where she is today. She was featured in many common magazines such as Forbes, and U.S.A today. Sharron is now looking to grow her empire so that future generations have the same chance she did!

Meet Nate Smith

Executive field manager for Springfield, oh 

Meet Jessee Giley 

Executive Feild manager for Baltimore, MD

Jessee has been in the door knocking industry since 1987. He started working with legacy sales in 2013. Originally Jessee is from Detroit Michigan. Jessee has traveled all over the U.S with our company.  He loves hunting and fishing. Jessee is currently working on building a new company and loves to see people succeed. 

Nate Smith has been a manager for Legacy sales since 2013. He started in the magazine business 22 years ago and joined legacy sales in 2013. Nate is now our executive field manager for our Springfield, OH office. Nate has three beautiful girls whom he has raised while helping build this company. Nate is dedicated to his career and is looking forward to being apart of the growth of this company.

Meet Elizabeth Green

Human Resource Executive President 

Elizabeth has worked with Legacy sales in HR and sales for 2 years. Elizabeth Started selling with this company at 20 years old, and now is quickly growing within the company. originally Elizabeth is from Wyandotte, OK, and had previously worked with dementia patients in the ward. Elizabeth now is looking forward to Helping her generation learning and living a new positive lifestyle!

Meet Ermine Desir

Human Resource Executive, VP

Ermine has been with Legacy Sales in HR and as a sales agent for 6 months. Originally from New York, Ermine has previously worked with an entertainment production company as an executive producer for 3 years producing new content, supervising talent, and developing relationships with sponsors. She has worked as a sales executive for Cambridge maintaining contractual relationships with multiple fortune 500 companies in company events.  She has also traveled nationally with a private media organization creating interpersonal relationships with those working in the government while creating original content concerning political stories. She is now incredibly excited to be a part of a hardworking team that is quickly expanding and looking to support new sales talent that will become the driving force of this company's future. 


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