For your first three weeks, you will be in our paid training program. You will receive what Legacy Sales refers to as a "draw." Each draw will be $20 every other day and $30 on weekends. During this period, all transportation and housing needs are met. After the three weeks paid training program, each agent makes $50 per utility bill sign up. If you are signing up a homeowner or renter that pays both gas and electricity, then you get paid $50.00 per sign up. On average, our new agents make $500-$900 weekly. Our more experienced agents make $900-$2,000 weekly. After training, transportation needs will continue to be met, and we have corporate housing options available. The corporate housing after the three weeks paid training will be $127.50 per week. We also have a unique pay system called "daily pay." The daily pay is a 10% deposit that you receive of each signature you obtain the previous day. That 10% will be paid to you daily on a company card you will receive by us that is yours to keep. For example, If you obtain three signatures for gas and electricity on a Monday, then that means you have made $150.00 that day, On Tuesday, you will receive 10% of $150 deposited onto your card. That way you will not have to wait until payday to get a percentage of your upcoming check. Payday after training is on every Monday before 6pm EST of each week. On that day, you receive a direct deposit of your pay on the same company card you receive your daily pay on.  


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