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Here at Legacy Sales, our goal is to create a network of successful individuals who are motivated to become the best version of themselves in their personal lives as well as their professional lives. Legacy Sales thrives for excellence and does not expect anything less from their agents. We seek to mold some of the most successful sales agents and leaders of today's generation. We are constantly building teams and offices as we rapidly grow throughout the U.S. We are always searching for individuals that are looking to be a part of a bigger picture that correlates with purpose and elevation.  

Sharron Harris

Rick Clair

Elizabeth Green

Meet The Team

Sharon Harris

Rick Clair

Elizabeth Green

Each applicant must be at least 19 years of age. You must be willing to travel. All applicants must be able to pass a nationwide background check.

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"But what is the job...?"

When you join our team your designated job would be to speak with residential home owners about their gas and electricity bills! We help our community understand the deregulation of energy and how it benefits the new life styles today!

Elizabeth has worked with Legacy sales in HR and sales for 3 years. Elizabeth Started selling with this company at 20 years old, and now is quickly growing within the company. She is originally from Wyandotte, OK.  Elizabeth is now working on building her own company with the help of legacy sales. Her goal is to help her generation and future generations learn to grow and prosper in a positive  working environment

Sharon is a family-oriented businesswoman.  Her main focus is to help the younger generation meet and exceed their goals in life! Originally Sharon is from Athens, Alabama the person she admires most  in the world is her mother.  Sharon started this company in 2013, and is currently looking for agents to build an legacy with the new generations. Sharon started as a magazine sales agent in 1996 and has worked her whole life to be where she is today.  Sharron is now looking to grow her empire so that future generations have the same chance she did!

Rick is a business-oriented man. His main goal in life is to help people become successful on their own. Rick is originally from Bufford, Georgia.He has now traveled all over the us and . established his own company, and now thrives to help future generations do the same. Rick started knocking doors 32 years ago, and now is looking to build a second Empire. 

" Building stronger minds one door at a time.."



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